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Thread: My Little Chat With A Person

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    bostonceltics121: hi
    TheJadeOne19: hey^.^
    bostonceltics121: how are you
    TheJadeOne19: I'm a bit tired, really. Just woke up from a nap
    bostonceltics121: oh
    bostonceltics121: im a lot horrible
    bostonceltics121: just woke up and saw how crappy and worthless my life is
    TheJadeOne19: why so?
    TheJadeOne19: you're not worthless!
    bostonceltics121: yep
    TheJadeOne19: do you mean Valentine's Day?
    bostonceltics121: i donno right now i feel so crappy i could get shot and well my life would be no worse
    bostonceltics121: Valentine's Day is only a very small part
    TheJadeOne19: oh
    I hate V-Day

    bostonceltics121: i hate everyday
    TheJadeOne19: Like three people have called me today wishing me happy v day...I 'm like "shut yer face, you woke me up"
    bostonceltics121: well thats dumb on ur part
    bostonceltics121: i would love it if someone did that for me
    TheJadeOne19: lol
    bostonceltics121: im not laughing
    TheJadeOne19: I am. You just called me dumb.
    TheJadeOne19: so you're flipping out simply because....?

    bostonceltics121: my life is horrible
    bostonceltics121: i just realized how much attention i get
    bostonceltics121: and its not a pretty figure
    TheJadeOne19: so, that matters? You can live your life without attention from other people, you know.
    TheJadeOne19: that sounds like self pity to me
    bostonceltics121: no attention is a big part of life
    bostonceltics121: very important thing
    TheJadeOne19: maybe if that's on your priority list. But it's not like that to all people
    bostonceltics121: actually a study has actually been done where you can die form lonelyness
    bostonceltics121: basically getting no attention
    bostonceltics121: and i refuse to talk to a person who doesn't believe attention and respect is an important part of life
    TheJadeOne19: you are not going to die. And usually, that dying is entailed by suicide. I have no pity for suicide attempts, they are way too selfsih
    TheJadeOne19: *selfish
    bostonceltics121: because if you don't think that then you are just blind
    bostonceltics121: yes selfish because you know what they are going through right
    bostonceltics121: thats another load of crap right there
    TheJadeOne19: I guess I am blind. You haven't seen how thick my glasses are.
    bostonceltics121: mabe thats why they commeted suicide
    bostonceltics121: because people don't understand them
    TheJadeOne19: no matter what, it's way too selfish
    bostonceltics121: just like they don't understand their suicide attempt
    TheJadeOne19: I almost forgive insane people, but so few who claim it actually are
    bostonceltics121: insted of helping these people all i hear is how selfish it is
    TheJadeOne19: I DO help them, stupid.
    bostonceltics121: how
    bostonceltics121: by calling them stupid
    bostonceltics121: and further lessining their self esteem
    TheJadeOne19: I have tried to commit suicide, m,ost of my friends have, one of my friends actually suceeded no matter what i did for her
    TheJadeOne19: You called me dumb.
    TheJadeOne19: I owed you.
    bostonceltics121: yea you have tried it
    bostonceltics121: so now you are selfish
    bostonceltics121: i see
    TheJadeOne19: I was.
    TheJadeOne19: Yes, very.
    bostonceltics121: ok
    TheJadeOne19: I'm not that person anymore though.
    bostonceltics121: and im the crazy one
    TheJadeOne19: are you?
    bostonceltics121: sure
    TheJadeOne19: I haven;t said that
    TheJadeOne19: so that's totally your assumption of what I'm thinking.
    TheJadeOne19: or its just sarcasm
    bostonceltics121: yes but im the posible suicidal type and before you have said that that kind of person is insane
    bostonceltics121: aka crazy
    TheJadeOne19: nope. i said that I would feel sorry for people who commited suicide BECAUSE they were insane
    TheJadeOne19: I never said YOU were.
    bostonceltics121: well if the attemptit they are selfish
    bostonceltics121: if the actually commit it you seel sorry
    TheJadeOne19: if they are insane then I feel sorry and they are not selfish. If you think you are insane, which by the way i don't, then you should get some actual help.
    TheJadeOne19: But if they are not insane and they are simply selfish stupidasses, then I do not feel sorry for them. At all.
    bostonceltics121: Don't tell me i don't need attention because im a person who gets very little and i know how it is and i know what i need
    bostonceltics121: well i don't know too many people who attempt suicide for fun

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    Which one are you ? No wait a minute, are you both ? That would be true to form

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    bostonceltics121 duh

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    Originally posted by Agrajag@14 February 2004 - 23:05
    Which one are you ? No wait a minute, are you both ? That would be true to form
    shut the fuck up!!!!
    Those who dont learn from the past are doomed to repeat It.


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