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Thread: The Sims

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    Can anyone tell me how to install or what directory to install the Sims expansion packs to? I have the Sims Deluxe and I have downloaded the House Party and Hot Date and after installing them to The Sims directory they still don't work and I am thinking I have them into the wrong directory. I sure would appreciate your help.

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    I got this weeks ago from another site I don't have any Sim's.

    The Sims Superstar - help needed
    The problem is not with the patch, it's with the hacked image you have. I'm assuming you're meaning the crash at the load screen.

    There's a corrupt file on the image. You can fix it, though. Install all your expansion packs up to Unleashed, or whichever your latest is, then make a copy of sound.far, found in the maxis/sims/expansionshared/sound directory. Install Superstar, then copy that file back to the original location,overwriting the new one.

    Good to go. Also, you'll have to go to your display settings, and turn all your
    hardware accelleration OFF. This is a Maxis problem, not a patch problem.
    Maybe its the bottom line "Good to go".....
    I also recall another one which I didn't save that went something like :
    If its cracked remove the sim.exe first or copy somewhere now load all the expansion packs, after you have rebooted replace the one you removed back to the same folder overwriting the other one,or something like that may help you out.

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    just download the sims 8 in 1 from suprnova, its great!


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