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Thread: Two Quick Questions

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    I just have two quick questions..

    1: Does anyone have a list of free newsgroups providers..i have checked some but most dont carry bianaries....

    I have heard that most web pages arent even picked up by popular search engines.

    2: Is there some directory or off the wall search engine that finds the more rare or non-listed pages?

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    This may sound strange but you should start with your isp's newsgroup first. They should have an nntp server for you to connect to.

    Once you find a decent newsgroup you will be in awe of the power of it. 99% of the time you will download at your full download speed or whatever speed you are capable of. And if thats not enough a lot of them also allow you to open up simultaneous connections so you can get even better speeds.

    The only problem is finding a good one. My isp has a great news server and there are all kinds of files on it, files you could probably never find anywhere else. Depending on how big your isp is their newsgroup may be the same.

    And for your second question............... Dogpile searches a variety of other search engines.

    I still say google is the best.

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    my isp has deal with giganews..but they limit how much u can dl a month and dont carry everything...its kinda like a bait and switch deal where they provide newsgroups for free..but if u want a better dl cap and more stuff u need to subscribe....

    i agree that goggle is better but have heard that most sites still arent shown up by searches using goggle or most main search engines...thought maybe someone knew something that i didnt..ok i know that alot of people know stuff i dont but thats beside the point...


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