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Thread: Dvd X Copy

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    ok firstly sorry all 4 wot prob is another dumb ass question- i am learning honest!!
    ive downloaded dvd x copy plat from bit torrent it has crack file with it ive read nfo file which says to:
    install program then replace the exe files in appropriate folders with the one in the crack folders
    ok ive installed program ok there r 3 files in crack folder dvdxrescue/platinum and xpress all .exe files but which files do i replace these with and where do i find them ive looked in the installed program folder on my comp but i cant find any .exe files in there so im bit confused as to which files im replacing and how to do it???
    pse :helpsmile: :helpsmile:
    thanx in advance

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    Look in C:\Program Files\321Studios\Platinum for the Platinum.exe and delete it, now move the crackplatinum.exe into that folder. Use the crackplatinum.exe to start the program.

    Do the same for the other crack.exe files.

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    cheers 4 that sorted it

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    ok ive sorted how to load dvd x copy n use crack but i still cant work the bloody thing. i know its simple to use thats not the problem i can get it to read the dvd i want to copy but when it comes to burning it just sends an error saying burn failed! i dont know what to do now could it be the discs im using-getting very confused
    so far i cant get nero to copy original dvds because of copyright(if any 1 knows a way around this it would be great). and dvd x copy wont burn! also ive tried copying a non original dvd i tried originally in clone dvd(which ive now got working) i tried this on dvd+rw this gave an error when time to burn but nero did it fine with same discs nero didnt do fine just failed with error-illegal request!. im getting very confused with all this ive got 3 progs and cant work any properly-just want one prog that will burn original and copied dvds!
    pse help someone its driving me mad!!
    (i put this in here but didnt know how to edit title soz)
    cheers in advance

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    I can tell you what worked for me.
    Switch to DvdShrink and get rid of dvd x copy.
    Run dvdshrink and it will use nero to burn.



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