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Thread: Baby Dragon

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    A recently taken undated hand out photograph received on January 25, 2004 shows a fake baby dragon encased in a 30 inch (0.76 metres) jar which was discovered by David Hart in a garage in Oxfordshire, southern England. A metal tin found alongside the dragon contained paperwork written in an old-fashioned German style of the 1890s, a time when their was intense rivalry between Britain's and Germany's scientists. The documents suggest that Britain's Natural History Museum turned the dragon away and sent it to be destroyed, only for the jar to be intercepted by David Hart's grandfather, Frederick Hart, who worked as a porter.

    Source: REUTERS/Allistair Mitchell

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    They need to x-ray it and see if it has a skeletal structure that's usually a good indication if its real or fake they can even leave in the jar also.

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    5 bucks says its fake.

    but that thing looks pretty creepy.
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    I can just imagine it coming back to life when the x-rays hit it and it escapes to live happily ever after in the sewer eating young kids.

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    Originally posted by mogadishu@16 February 2004 - 08:18
    5 bucks says its fake.

    but that thing looks pretty creepy.
    its about as real as that bet
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    looks very similar to those alien things in jars B)

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