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Thread: Winter Storm Warning

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    WooaaaH! Guess i better pay attention a little more to the weather. Yesterday and today it was nice outside. Temperatures in the high 50's. Started to hear wierd sounds outside my bedroom window so I went to take a look and its sleeting and snowing hard. Just checked my local forcast and we are under a Winter Storm Warning for this evening with 5 inches of snow. Then we are supposed to get snow all monday night and all tuesday. Wow looks like the town is going to shut down.


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    Because of 5 inches of snow?

    You're in the uk ain't ya, we shut down at 2 inches

    Most pathetic thing I've ever seen

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    snowing south of me..nothing here...

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    Only 5 inches and town shutting down? You gotta be kidding
    Talk about 10 inches here last week, and still no sound of anything being closed
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    Wow&#33;&#33; A whole 5 inches&#33;&#33; This past January we had one day where it snowed for a total of Twelve inches. Everybody still went to work..took a long time to get there but everything stayed open, I&#39;m pretty sure the schools stayed open also.

    On the other hand if it&#39;s doing that freezing rain thing outside then I think twice about going to work.

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    5 inches.


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