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Thread: Dial Up Check Box

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    Jul 2003
    Some guy needs my help. However, I can't answer the question so I came to ask you clever guys . Here goes, this is the question he asked:

    "When I access IE, my dial up screen shows, the one where you enter your account and password.
    There are two check boxes below these input windows, one for "Remember Password" and one to "Connect Automatically" these are never highlighted, and I cannot place a tick in the box.
    This also occurs whilst in: Start: Programs: Accessories: Communications: Dial-Up Networking
    and clicking on my ADSL icon. I still cannot get to check the remember box!"

    Can you help?
    Changed SPAN settings in sig a YEAR after it was removed

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    Delete and add new conection? Been awile since I;v had dial up but I do remember that


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