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Thread: Iexplorer Help

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    i changed a setting in my internet explorer and i have no idea how i did it, i didn't go into all the setting just change it with a command that i dont know what it is. it changed all the text sizes.
    anyone know how to change this back?

    thanks, ben
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    Go to "image" in your taskbar.There you will find an option to change the sizes of the text.My os is in dutch so I&#39;m not sure how it&#39;s called in english.
    But if you go to "image",it&#39;s the 7th option.Hope this helps.

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    Go to Internet Explorer > View > Text Size

    Set it to what you want (small, medium large etc.)

    I dont know in IE but in MyIE2 if you press Ctrl + "+" key combo then it increase the font size or so as to say zooms in.
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    or hold down control hey and move mouse scroll up and down


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