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Thread: Where Do I Get The Simpsons Torrents

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    I've tried tvtorrents, and it's pretty good. Unfortunately, there are not many or no peers for a lot of the episodes. So, where do I go for reliable, high res (320x240 or 352x240 and around 200MBs preferably mpeg) Simpsons episodes?

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    they have set the standard

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    what do I put here? BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    I hope they rip the sopranos next month us Aussies don't get HBO and they don't show them till frigging 2 years later

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    as they should, punishment for your having releasing the crocodile dundee series

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    According to that site, those are DivX. I want uncompressed mpeg files that are 200 MBs and are ready to be burned to VCD or DVD. Got any suggestions?

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    convert them

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    Using what? You have to forgive me I'm a n00b. Also, will they still have the same quality and be 200 MBs? Thanks for your help.

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    I suggest tmpgenc, if your dvd player can read kvcd you can fit 9 episodes on one cdr with chapters and menus, otherwise just convert them to vcd or svcd with tmpgenc
    basic guide here

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    Okay, but when they are converted, will they be the same quality and around 200MBs? Also, is tmpgenc a full version, or do you need to pay for the full version?

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    yes maybe better than the 200mb ones
    tmpgenc is free for vcd/kvcd converting and I believe its 30 days for svcd converting (trail), plenty of cracks available if svcd is they way you want to go

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