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Thread: How Do I Brun An Iso With Extra Files In 1 Cd

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    Hi guys,

    I know hwo to burn a regular ISO but I want to put a couple of extra files (cracks)on the same CD, because they'r for the game I was wondering how to do this???
    Im using the latest version of Nero.


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    this is the one time you need to extrack a iso with isobuster or winiso and then add your files then reburn it as data or make it another iso with cdrwin or alcohol 129%

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    couldn't you just use alcohol, burn image as usual but b4 u begin
    there's an option to close cd after burning or keep open for multiple burns.

    keep it open. Then burn the cracks to the cd in Nero then finalize it.

    That's what I do

    And it always works.

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    Just Use ISO Buster or WinISO to add the file before you burn it. it will make a duplicate of the ISO/BIN with the extra file included

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    which do u prefer ultraISO or ISObuster

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    with winISO you can add files to an ISO file


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