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Thread: Epson Problem

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    hello there

    can anyone help i have just pluged my printer in after two months and re installed it and can't get the bloodly thing to work now, every time i print some thing i get pink and blue lines even when i try to print in black i get pink and blue lines, can anyone help please....


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    im not sure but:

    1)clean printer jets
    2)make sure u have black ink
    3()download latest drivers

    thats the norm for something like this.

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    fucking smurfland y'idjit
    Use the head cleaning utility a few times but be prepared to waste all your ink.
    If you go through enough ink that the utility refuses to run (because there's not enough), phone Epson's helpline and moan like fuck that the damned thing is only 'so' old and you've wasted 35 worth of ink trying already. If it's under warranty they'll either offer to send you another one or recommend you to a local authorised repair agent.

    I'm going off Epson as a company...
    I have a C42Plus but it's my third; originally bought a C42UX and Epson replaced that with a Plus after two months because of blocked jets, then sent me to their repair man a few months later (as that one was putting ink blobs everywhere) who begrudgingly exchanged it after I pointed out I shouldn't have to clean the bloody rollers 'cos the ink shouldn't get on them.
    I have a Perfection 1250 scanner that suddenly just output black images so I used the Epson online support service and got a reply 8 days later telling me how to use the 'TPU' thing I don't have. When I replied complaining that this was crap support, the next email (4 days later) from the same guy told me how to do the same thing in different words. I complained again and got a reply that was exzactly the same as the previous one. My next step was to email the info@ address but just got a reply from the same wanker telling me I had a hardware problem and to phone the support line.

    I'm debating whether to stop recommending their products now.
    if your font size is this small i'll add you to my ignore list because you're wasting my time, OK?


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