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Thread: Hmm...this Is Interesting

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    Some time ago, I used to have WinMX, because I didnt like kazaas spyware, but then I discovered k-lite and uninstalled MX. Someone suggested I get the new WinMX, and figured i'd at least go back to the site and see whats new.

    I read somewhere about people at these forums desiring to share ONLY with fellow k-lite users, seeing as how leechers are annoying and the community would only be full of those that are sharing, or at the least members of this forum.

    OpenNap connectivity for expert users

    And then i noticed that feature. Wouldn't it allow you to setup a WinMX server? Only people who know about it can see it (AFAIK, you can't search for new ones), and only members of this forum (Or at least those who browse it) can see it.

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    Downloading a album from somebody on WinMX right now.I have not heard nothing about this yet.....will have to go to the WinMX community forum and see if I can find anything.Cause that is what some of us are looking for.....our own network.

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    Just a quick bump, I'd hate to see this idea die without at least hearing "OMG YOU NOOB THAT WONT WORK" >_>;

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    sorry couldnt resist

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    Wish it would work though. Too bad it can't lol.

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    Damn't it won't work n00b.

    This topic is kinda similar, well maybe.


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