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Thread: N Gage Nokia Moblie Phone

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    N GAGE

    tv real or a myth i was told by a bunch of not so reliable peolple that there was going to be or is a way to pick up tv transmisions with the n gage

    B) B)

    or if anyone else has cool stuff to do on the n gage post it and we'll see what we can get you can already squash a full downloaded movie to 50mb thats sweet considering a memory card is average size of 128 mb's

    :ph34rghostface: B)

    so thats about 4 movies i can watch at work with 1 memory card :

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    So how do the movie plays? is the quality good?

    I just saw Scary movie 2 for nGAge and is just 40 megs....

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    i have a nokia 3650 which isnt an N Gage but is what the movies were made for and N Gage can do it as well. I have Matrix 2 and Sword fish on my phone and its very gd qualiy for a phone very clear because the resolution is made much smalled so thats ho the file soze is much smaller and u dont lose quality. Tere is a progrma called Helix producer that lets u do all the stuff to make ur 700mb downloaded files into 50mbs i have done it with scary movie 1 and ice age.

    and soz aout the spelling i was typing fast and cant c arsed to change it, maybe a mod can for me

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    ok the guy at best buy needs to die he asured me the memory card he gave me would work right shape but to thick dammit i have no more memory on my phone to fit any more movies ummm does any one know exactly which media works with this damb thing

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    with that out of my system does anyone know about the tv thing :helpsmile:


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