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Thread: Kazasupernode

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    I tried to use kazasupernode but it won't open it gives me a run time error. It's telling me a file is missing or something.

    Oh and I read everything about boosting my d/l speeds and nothing works. I have a dsl router... anyway to tweak that to get more speed. I never had anything d/l faster than 30kb..

    I have kl 2.43
    dietk 2.6

    -could my speed be related to my low ram I have??????

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    download the mscomctl.ocx and put in your system directory, by default this would be C:\WINDOWS\system32.

    if you already have the mscomctl.ocx in your system directory, register it by putting this in the run box (Start Menu>Run)...
    regsvr32 mscomctl.ocx

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    ya this is a bug in kazupernodes 1.4.6, if that does not work you can just download kazupernodes 1.4.7 in which this bug has been fixed. go here to get it


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