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Thread: 2 Or More Parts To A File Help Needed

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    Dec 2003
    lots of films are downloaded in 2 or more parts (obviously it was all part of the same file to start with),

    is it possible to join the two or more files into one large file? are there any such programs about,
    surely if you can cut a film in half you can kinda join it up if it was of course all one file to start with?
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    I use virtualdub its free and it works for me, don&#39;t know if there are any more but know doubt someone else will suggest something. :beerchug:

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    Of course yes as said VirtualDub for avi (not sure about mpeg),but Tmpgenc does do mpeg&#39;s.
    BEFORE you join either first made sure the files are NOT corrupt or you could be sorry later on(out of sync etc). - VideoDud tutorial - repair avi&#39;s - Video-Fixer what it say&#39;s - tutorials - joiner and splitter programs - How to use Tmpgenc -For alot of downloads of audio and video tools.


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