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Thread: Suggestion For A New Section/subsection

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    As this is a forum all about p2p and the fact that p2p users seem to be unfairly persecuted, I thought that we should have an area set aside for the express purpose of helping members to protect themselves.

    I belive this is vital to our future although many prefer to rely on the large number of p2p users to protect them.

    I would suggest that a few of the more tech savvy members here get together and write an extensive guide covering many of the mainstream methods of protecting your identities.

    This could just be a stickied thread kept in General Filesharing or something. But I would also suggest having a stickied shortcut within each of the p2p app. sections.

    Or this could be a section all of it's own with stickies for the basic methods and then the following area for members to post question/discussion about the various methods available.

    I suggest keeping it within General Filesharing or creating it's own section because the methods used would cover a variety of areas including software and hardware.

    We have many excellent discussions throughout the forum about this stuff and I belive it would be a great addition and help to many if there is an area set aside just for this.

    Peace of mind Findnot

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    That is what I use to Protect myself.Not in as good of shape but it works.

    *Ok ok.Sorry.Bad humor I know&#33; *

    So what do you mean by protecting identities?My name and Address is already on this Forum for the World to see.And so is a few others.But am not going to worry about some geek with his PC coming to my Place.

    Or are you talking about Firewalls?

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    Unfortunately I probably couldn&#39;t even lift that thing I gotta go for the type of protection that involves the strength of my fingers or maybe the addition of a little(computer) hardware

    Peace of mind Findnot

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    I think it would be ok - nothing against this section.

    I also think that if you want to have Filesharing relating stuff
    being discussed like Privacy & Protection, there is "General Filesharing Talk", isn&#39;t it?

    Guys, keep also in mind - if you make too many sections/areas, it would be difficult
    for new members to find. A simple and easy to find board is fine - hope you know
    what I mean

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    I mean protecting yourself when using the various p2p apps. out there.

    There are many ways to do this, Peergaurdian and proxies are examples.

    But I belive that a forum such as this should have a clear cut section that describes as many ways as possible for us to protect ourselves with guides to using them with the various apps. we all use.

    I am sure there are members here who use methods that many of us have either never heard of or just really do not know how to implement.

    Seems a good way to further our future in p2p.

    Peace of mind Findnot

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