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    hi can someone tell me please that if i make a search on overnet or kazaa etc and i want to copy the entire search results and then send them off in an e-mail, how do i do that? i have seen on this forum that some people to show an example of how to find a certain program or movie etc they post the whole 'frame' of kazaa or overnet etc including the search results. i hope you understand what im trying to say

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    you can't copy and paste in k-lite.
    all you can do is press "Prt Scr"(print screen) on your keyboard.
    After you done that open 'Paint' and paste it in there.You could try pasting it directly into your e-mail but i'm not sure if that's possible...I guess it is,but I'm not sure.

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    yes get screen shot and send with email as an attachment or just send straight with messenger

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    Just out of interest, why would you want to email a list of search results?

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    because someone doesnt know which particular file i have asked them to dounload, so if i send them a screen shot, then they will be able to see clearly. okay, i have managed to get the screen shot and paste it in 'paint' but how do i move it from there and lets say i want to put it in a message in this forum- how do i do that? :helpsmile:

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    you host it some where then when you post hit the img tab and enter the address for it there.

    next time just tell the person the name and size of the file adn the sn ip and port where you found it

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    how and where do i host the image

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    ok, MM i was trying to see if i could do this upload businees, so this is what i did. i opened overnet made a search then pressed 'print screen' then pasted it in 'paint' then done 'select all' - copy- pasted in 'my pictures' - used chikni to upload picture by going into 'guys' after uploading it said file already exsits cannot overwrite', whats that all about?

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    Just change the name of the image.
    If it says file allready exists,it means that there's allready an image with the same name.So changing the name of the image should do the trick.

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