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Thread: Mediaplayer Troubles...

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    hey everybody!

    i just formatted my harddisc so i had to install everything from scratch... while i managed to do it (yay&#33, i now have some trouble with playing music and movies in the kazaa media player... if i double click on a file from my audio or video, it opens in the normal windows mediaplayer in stead of kazaa (lite). does anyone know how i can fix this so i can just open them automatically in kazaa?

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    Have you tried right-clicking the file and the choose "view with"(of "bekijken met..")Maybe that helps.It might be some settings in your k-lite options menu that changed,so have a look in there.

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    it's possible to right click-and then choose theater, but i just want to be able to play in kazaa, not right click every song ;-) (and i can't find anything in the options menu)...

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    hm,if there are no settings in the options then i'm not sure how to fix this.
    I never had this problem before and only use theater for,can't help you with this.But stick around and someone will pop-up eventually with the answer.

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    first of all, kazaa theater sucks use a different player. for preview use videlan.

    but if you still want to use kazaa tell me what your version is


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