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Thread: Video Help

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    I have had this problem nagging me for a while. When i download the latest codec pack and try to view my video files i get this:

    Image Resized
    [img]' width='200' height='120' border='0' alt='click for full size view'>

    Using media player classic i get a green screen with the lines across.

    However i can view the files ok using videolan, although they run a bit slow.

    I used an older codec pack and the same happened but when i changed the resolution in bsplayer it appeared normal ???

    Not sure if its cos of my video card or what. I have a crap pc anyhow.

    Pentium 2 266mhz
    Voodoo 3

    Please help


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    use Gspot and look if the correct codec is installed

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    Cheers, Sorted

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    It could be a speed issue. Pentium II 450 or equivalent is the minimum requirement for MPEG-4.


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