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Thread: The Windows Contextual Menu Messed Up

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    As you can see in Picture one, the submenu is completely invisible. Also, In picture 2, you can see that if you put the mouse across all of the items in the menu, the items appear but you can still see some transparency. I do not know what's causing this.

    Operating System: Windows XP Professional, All Updates
    Video Card: Geforce FX 5200

    If you need more info, ask.

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    Do a system restore from the day before it happened. Should fix it.

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    that wont fix it

    this is an error in the uxtheme file and has not been fixed

    the only solution: disable menu shadows and restart your comp

    however, if the error you are facing is a COMPLETELY invisible menu that still can be seen when u roll ur mouse over it, that could be fixed by sysrestore

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    The only thing is that it happens randomly. System Restore was off "accidentally".

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    Reinstall would fix it

    You try getting a "hacked" uxtheme.dll also - this will also allow you to use other visual styles also

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    I just reinstalled xp.

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    possibly ur card?

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    Like I said, happens randomly.

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    Format c:\

    Try a program such as style XP and use a third party Visual style, this could help

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