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Thread: Nokia 3650 Games

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    does anyone have the lattest full version of nokia 3650/7650 games?
    maybe we can exchange the games?


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    yeah i got 200mb's worth of 3650 shit

    i got it all from one place, not one site but one place, yahoo groups, just search 3650 games/apps or something like that, also you could cheack out my group its called james3650

    just go to the yahoo home page and theres a link to the groups section just sign up and start joining groups.

    also Mirc has shit loads but its a bugger of piece o' shit so stick with yahoo groups and you will get all you need.

    PS: my group has just a few apps compared to whats out there so do search.

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    the yahoo groups! seem to be down from the moment....
    anywhere else i could download it?


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