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Thread: Dvd Players - Unussual Question

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    Need some help.

    I have the Daewoo DVD Player Model Number DVG-5000 N. It hasn't been working for a while. When I turn it on, the DVD tray struggles to get out, makes noise as it's trying to open, and the player is not even able to load up its own software.
    So I opened it up, and switched the broken DVD drive with a computer internal DVD drive. (I had a spare one for my computer.) Wahlah, it works perfectly.

    Are there any differences with the drives in DVD players like Sony, Daewoo, Phillips and internal DVD drives for your computer?

    Is there any problem with what I did? Is it safe? Any risk of fire because of different wattage or voltage?

    Any other problems I should be aware of?

    If the above is confusing:
    DVD drive inside my Daewoo DVD player was not working. Switched the drive with an internal Acer DVD drive built for a computer. Any problems/risks with what I did?

    Appreciate your help.

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    ive never cracked open a dvd player, but i guess if IDE and molex connecters are the same, sure why not...yah, i would expect maybe size differences and maybe read speeds

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    have you tested it out to see if it would even work? if it works then play a movie in it for about 5 minutes and if it wis noticeably hotter than usual (which i doubt) then take it out but if its fine then...well...its fine.

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    yes it works perfectly fine...ill make sure it doesnt get hot though


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