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Thread: Ways To Clean/speed Up Computer?

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    What can I do to make my computer have more virtual memory and run a bit faster & of course keep it cleaned and sorted better. Is their a program i can get. I usually get one that cleans, but it messes up my netscape then, so what can i do? Please recommend a good program . thank u. Btw the cleaner on my computer doesn't work, so forget that . thanks in advance.

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    i belive window washer will clean your temp and etc. but you want a faster pc get more ram, defrag your pc, and make sure you have no ad/spyware or trojens

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    a good ol defrag B)

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    Where can i get windoews washer? Are they any other program besides that one?

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    -Windows Washer (Kazaa)
    -Ace Utilities (It's the best 1 but hard to find it cracked)

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    Get the latest version of: Executive Software Diskeeper
    This defrag porgram totally kicks some major ass and will make your system run allmost at peak performance for awhile.


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