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Thread: E-mailing A Song

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    how can i email a song or how can i send a song threw AIM???
    for free

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    1.) email storage is prolly not big enough to let you send a 4-9meg sound

    2.) Right click on buddy>click send file>select file>send> should take anywere from 1-50min depending on connections

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    it means they are on aol or have file send blocked

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    a well
    Tell the person to configure AIM for file transfers or try to direct connect and dragging the song into the window and hit the send button. You cant chat while it's sending though.

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    Get an aol account and ya can send up to 16 megs in one email to anyone that has an email account that will take a file that size. As far as AIM I am not shure about the file size restrictions. I send lots of MP3s through AOL mail and worls great just if the file is over 16 megs ya have to winrar to break it down into smaller parts and the reciever will have to use it to put it back together. It is hard to find any file transfering for free anymore so good luck.
    (edit) So why didn't you just email it to her ???

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    thanx everyone 4 helpin it worked the problem wuz that i had AIM and my cuz had AOL so she had 2 d/l AIM and it worked


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