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Thread: Need Help Uninstalling

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    I downloaded a dodgy copy of norton utilities 2002 (it was named 2003 though) and installed it on my win98se machine. But only half the programs on it work and it wont uninstall.

    I get this error message;
    "The log file 'C:\Program Files\Norton Utilities\Uninst.isu' is not valid or the data has been corrupted. Uninstallation will not continue."

    I have tried reinstalling it, but have the same problems.

    I want to now install SystemWorks 2003 which includes Utilities but it wont let me install over it.

    Can anyone think of a fix??

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    lol that happened to me... i couldnt uninstall it or reinstall it since the files were corrupted... i tried deleting manually all possible files and in the end i just didnt care about it... although i got an error screen when i entered windows...


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    Theres a tool you can get of their website ( which removes all registrys. This is a cool trick to reset the subsription too...... opps

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    Sounds like a cool tool shady, but dont seem to be able to find it on their website, can u post a link?

    ps. SOUL814, i managed to sort the problem by deleting most of the keys that referred to utilities under currentuser\software and localmachine\software, then installing and unistalling systemworks, and deleting all relevant folders under program files. Now I can use windoctor to clear up any registry keys left over !!!

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    Do you have Regcleaner? You might be able to use that to remove all traces of anvthing named 'Norton' or 'Symantec'. You could also do it with Regedit, but I think Regcleaner is easier to use. It also inludes tools to clean your registry of orphan files and other errors. Then you might be able to install Systemworks. Regcleaner is freeware from this site:

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    For getting rid of registry entries I like Registry Detective the best. RD finds remnants of progs that others don't. It was hard as hell to find. Shit now I can't remember where I got it. It was freeware by Ziff Davis Media Inc. @ PC Magazine. But jv16 is excellent.

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    delete it manually and then get customizer XP (works with all Windows)
    And then delete anything on norton


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