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Thread: Office 2003 Pro. Activation?

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    Ok, I installed office 2003 pro. and got past the serial but now it wants to activate and every file I download from k++ is a virus. Can someone help me find a activation prog. ? thanx

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    there should be a crack in the file you downloaded, isnt there a folder there called 'crack'?

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    Nope, I downloaded just the straight Office 2003 Professional iso. Do you know where I can get the activation thing?

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    On the disc you burnt it to

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    I didn't burn it to a disc. I downloaded the office 2003 pro. iso off the net and used winiso to extract the files which I put in a folder. I ran the setup file entered my key code, installed, and now it wants me to activate. I can go to the option of doing it over the phone but I need one of those small little programs that you enter the code they give you and then the program gives you a number back which then you put in and office would then be activated. All I need is that program.

    And there were no files included in the iso that I downloaded that could be used to crack office. Otherwise I wouldn't be asking for help here.

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    I've never had to activate my office products. Don't the professional ones not require activation?

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    Originally posted by backlash@17 February 2004 - 22:15
    I've never had to activate my office products. Don't the professional ones not require activation?
    thats what i thought, mine dint have to be activated.

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    Your missing something it's in the file Info ? or read me


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