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    Someone in the development forum asked for one to be built into kazaa but this is the next best thing.

    With internet download manager sitting in my system tray each time I pressed play to preview a partially downloaded file a window would pop up from IDM asking if I wanted to download it. And sure enough as soon as I hit start download the file started downloading through IDM while it was still downloading in traffic but much faster.

    I'd put up a screen shoit but I don't know how. Using the plain free version of IDM which is a 1,256kb exe you should be able to do this also. I'll work on getting a screenshot of this but try it, it sure as hell is working for me right now. I'm looking through google for info but i'm on winme if that's any help to anyone who tells me here.

    The URL looks like from who ever i'm getting it from: for lulu roman- candle.mp3

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    False alarm folks my bad it only seems to download what you already have downloaded thus the instead of the other users real ip and kazaa port. Innocent mistake .

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    False alarm indeed lol dont worry


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