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Thread: Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne

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    I downloaded an Iso version from kazaa for W3 which works well in all except that when I play undead there is n error with some of the sound files (undead2.mp3)
    Anyways I tried installing W3 Frozen Throne on it which I downloaded from Toreent but it gives an error about some file. I thought Torent downloads were supposed to always work!

    I was thinking of getting CDMage and using t on it, should I?
    Also since there both pirated is it even possible to install Frozen Throne over it??

    I dont really want to buy the game cause I dont even like it that much anymore, since I played it along time ago. But I would like to see the stuff from FT.

    And does anyone know how to fix the problem that it cant find undead2.mp3, I wanted to just write another .mp3 file from the game and rename it to it, so the game wouldnt crash but It seems as if those files are unaccesible.


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    Have you tried install the latest patches?
    It might fix the undead2.mp3 problem as well.


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