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Thread: Dvd To Vcd Guide

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    DVD to VCD-The Complete Guide

    When I first got my DVD Burner I realised it was going to cost me a fortune in DVD-Rís so I thought I would see if it was possible to convert them to mpeg so I could then burn them to VCD. And with some help from the
    K-Lite Board I can now do that.

    So I thought I would make this guide to help everybody else who wants to convert.

    Iíve made this as simple as possible so here it goes.

    Hope this helps some people.

    FileVD to VCD.doc
    Length:435200 Bytes, 425KB

    I tried to post it but I couldnt get the images to load up. I hope this becomes a popular post.

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    you CAN put this on the forum and make a nice topic


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    i dont c 1 dats 425k/b

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    OR you could just use DVD2SVCD to convert your dvds to vcd/svcd. And here's the guide.

    1. Start program
    2. Select dvd
    3. Run program
    4. Burn to disc
    5. Enjoy not having to go through a thousand other steps with other guides and programs.


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