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Thread: Kazaa Lite

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    Im running windows me, with 60 somthing ram. Iv been dowloading a sofware file, it has just finished. Bu when i open "my shared files" my pc FREEZES!!!! When i open kazaa lite, my pc freezes. I cant even delete this damn thing, i cant even run kazaa anymore! I do often get frozen during a download, that may be why its corrupted, i think?!? But how do i delete the damn thing, and how do I stop this from happening again.#

    And also I downloaded a file called halo, but inside was a file with some rubbish car simulator. Whats up with that!?! It takes weeks to download a file on my crappy pc with dial up, and the files just fudge my pc up or not what they said it would be

    Please help! You all look like experts on k and kl, but I am clueless!!! :helpsmile:

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    I suggest formatting your hard drive and putting ANYTHING but Windows ME on there.

    And also FastTrack has a lot of fake files. For some tips on how to avoid them refer to this thread.

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    I am with DV , it is windows ME, and you could delete the file in dos mode.

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    yup. corrupt file , delete dos or possible safe mode

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    Another suggestion - you may be wasting your time downloading games (if thats the type of software you are downloading) as "60 something Ram" will unlikely to be able to play anything anyways.

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    it is maya 5. I did manage to delete it (dos mode, ta for the tip ), and my uncle feeling sorry for me downloaded a copy through his broadband at work (I know, NAUGHTY&#33. Im studying art and design to get a career as an animator for videogames, the courses are bloody expensive, and so are decent pcs. Im gonna get a decent pc, well half decent at least. I thought I could practice what i learnt at home, but my computer locks up running word, let alone something like this Theres no bloody trial versions of maya for me to practice with, and my instructor told me not to fudge up my by using with anything less than maya or another benchmark program. Id previously been practicing with with things like hammer and stuff, a big "no no". Its not easy for an australian in the uk

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    I do not have enough posts to use PM service? how many do i need?

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    Originally posted by dk_rare@18 February 2004 - 17:11
    I do not have enough posts to use PM service? how many do i need?
    lol i belive 5 boss, just go to the loung and reply to a few topics


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