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Thread: Win Media Player 9

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    hi, in my windows media player 9, when i click on the file tab and then go to 'open' an error message appears, windows media player has encountered an unexpected error and needs to close' and then you have to click on close. whats the cure please

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    Reinstall it. Just download the setup file from Microsoft's website and then install it again. If reinstalling doesn't work, then I don't know what the problem could be.

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    ok, i dont know if i done this right, but i reinstalled, i mean i didnt uninstall and then reinstall. if i was suppose to do that then how, my media player is not listed in my add or remove programs list. after i reinstalled im still getting the same problem

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    Hi the mask, Is it error message COOD11CD, you get ?
    That is what I get since I did what Wienrsnitzel told me to do on my own post=uninstall all codec and install K-lite codec pack. I spent the whole day digging in this shit but there are millions of reasons you can get this message, so I learned from Windows error Forum. It;s seems that some shared .dll, files went to garbage when I uninstalled all my players. I have found some of them on the net, but now there are something else instead, CRAP.
    I will tell you if I get a solution on this matter. If you get it before me please tell me. you can e-mail me at:

    Pelle in HK

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    th error message i get is wm828026

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    problem is now solved
    got rid of the k-lite mega codec pack B)

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    @the mask:

    Thanks. I had the same problem with WMP. After reading your solution, I uninstalled K-Lite Codec Pack 2.24 Full, then reinstalled it (without codec compression). Problem solved.


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