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Thread: Bit Torrent Speed Decrease With Use

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    BT was great when I first tried it. Now I am having a difficult time just getting any downloading. My downloading to uploading ratio is poor. And I always upload more than I download before I close the windows. Am I alone in this experience?

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    I didn't realized that Shadow updated his version to 5.8.9. I was using 5.8.7. I just updated to version 5.8.9 and my downloading is better now. With the older version, I was uploading most of the time, and downloading very little. The newer version downloads much better. I guess the older the and newer versions aren't quite compatible. So if you haven't updated your version, you should update it immediately.

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    a few weeks ago i downloaded bit torrent experimental 321(not sure where from,but it was quite an obvious site i seem to reme ber&#33but you can choose your bandwidth/connection type and its bloody great....
    i presume you know all about firewalls and that decimating download speed...
    try reinstalling your bt software otherwise..


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