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Thread: Forwarding Take A Look , U Know?

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    Ok guys , who knows how to forward port 21 in here
    I know there are thibgs on the d-link web page but that is nor working for me.
    I remeber a guy told me to forward port 80 here and it worked but i forgat how to do it.
    That guy still here? plz help me
    im config a ftp server thank you very much

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    Enter in the name of what you want to call it. Eg. "ftp" and select "enabled" above that

    Select "allow"

    Under interface choose the network device you want to use for it. Probably an ethernet device or something, it should come up under the drop down menu.

    Under ip range start and ip range end, put the ip address (lan ip) of the box that will be allowing connections on your network, or if you only have one box enter

    Leave it at tcp connection and make the port range from 21 to 21.

    Under "schedule" it might be easier to leave it selected as always unless you have a specific time frame you want to allow access to that port daily.


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