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Thread: Winmx Help

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    Hi I've just started using winmx and I'm getting incredibly slow speeds. Is it since the files I'm downloading are so rare (320 bit), that I was unable to reset my firewall (not admin on comp so can't touch the setttings) or that there's something I'm missing?

    Right now the speeds are maxing out at a whopping 2.6kkb, usually going at like 0.3 so if you could please help that would be great!

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    Generally, in current times, whenever a problem exists tha follows the equation DLspeed=slow, it's just the way p2p is. If you're looking for stuff as rare as what you've got, there's not too much you can do. Welcome to p2p under fire.

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    I had the same problem with WinMX

    The problem could be that you might not be sharing enough files. Theres a Win MX monitor that can be used with Win MX that disconnects anyone sharing less than a certain number of files, or discriminates against their connection type, depending on how a user choses to configure the program

    anyway, once i put all of my stuff up to share i havent had any problems, although some of queues are ridiculously huge, but nonetheless WinMX for me is the best P2P around


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