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Thread: The Brit Awards

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    I was watching the Brit awards last night and it occured to me what a joke this ceremony actually is...

    It was blatently a popularity contest with the darkness winning two awards, ok so their new, doesn't mean that they should win every award possible...

    The thing that annoyed me about this was that bands such as MUSE, Feeder, Radiohead, Blur (and even Primal Scream) have been through alot more and around alot longer to deserve the award for British Rock act or Album.

    The Darkness are taking the biscuit in the music act, at first I respected them for being self produced but now there just out there getting rewards that other bands should deserve to win.
    Another thing that made me laugh was when MUSE performed they were low key, simply doing what they do best whereas the Darkness had big light shows and raising platforms.

    Also for the BRIT awards there was alot of focus on International (and by international, they mean American) acts with simply another award in hand for Justin Timberlake, regardless of him and Missy Elliot being the centre of attention at the MTV awards last year.

    Now these artists have talent and now they've been awarded for it, why not let more unheard underground artists with big talent allowed to be recognized and noticed, paving the way for new artists (Daniel Beddingfield has had the same album out for about three years according to my g/f, why not let another artist into the group for them to get some recognition)...

    I'm sorry if this topic is poorly structered and factless but this board is a place for opinions and views and this is just how I feel, also I do recognize talent when I see/hear it and I am not a musical Nazi, I will listen to music if it is good, even if this falls under a genre I dislike...


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    it&#39;s about pop, if muse or blur won it the show would not be as popular
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    Originally posted by TARPD@19 February 2004 - 04:45
    it&#39;s about pop, if muse or blur won it the show would not be as popular
    I watched a interview with Damon he said that he considers themselves a pop band


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