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Thread: Speed Problem When Downloading Many Files

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    I run Kazaa on my cable connection and can download at up to 5-600KB/s+ most of the time. However, if I set a large amount of downloads (50+) all the downloads slow to the same speed, like 2.56KB/s, with the total bandwidth usage being well below maximum's I regularly achieve. Does anyone know a reason for this?

    Thanks Muchly.


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    it is normal, when you download a file one at at time it will run fast, but when you download 50 at one time it slows down because your upload speed may not be too quick, when you are downloading files they have to talk back where you are getting the file from so that they can tell how much has been downloaded so when you have 50 going at one time they are all trying to talk back and it is saturating your connection. This is explained in simple terms so you can understand what I am trying to say. Best thing to do is not download so many files at one time.


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