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Thread: Newsbin Pro

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    ok, ive never used newsgroups b4, ihave newsbin pro and agent, please can some1 help me how to configure and use it in VERY simple terms, i would be very gratefull for any help.....many thanks.

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    I would like to suggest that you check out the news reader "Grab It" it is freeware and quite good for a BIN type news reader.

    Just my 2 cents, so just consider it as an option

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    Thanks you guys 4 your help, im gonna try your advice on configuring. Do many of you dl from newsgroups then?? how reliable r they?? and how fast??

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    I download from newsgroups all the time, and they are quite reliable as long as the files you are downloading come with PAR or PAR2 files. This is basically RAID for individual file sets. Basically they allow you to recover any missing file out of the set. Head on over to for the program in order to do this and check out the tutorials.

    As for the speed, they are generally quite fast since most of the time you'll be downloading from your ISP's news server.


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