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Thread: Im Dead?

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    A relatively new girl friend of mine (just a friend mine .. she isn't my girlfriend), has troublesome friends it seems, and since Ive been getting close .. I'm getting warned.
    Just got this email from someone:

    I worn you...

    you will be dead... ok?
    I know its a friend of hers from the email .... and reffering to the question .. no, its not ok. At least lemme lose my virginity before I die. Seriously though ... should I be scared?

  2. The Drawing Room   -   #2
    Haven't you heard the expression, dogs that bark never bite.
    But you can never be sure. Personally, I dont think there is anything to be scared of. How old are these "friends" of hers? How sure are you that the email was from them and in the same context?
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    Well ... I was added to a conversation with a lot of her friends .. and recognized the address ... in which the person added me and then said I better watch out. Now its mails, but I doubt they&#39;ll do anything .. though you can never be sure. People are getting killed in my area all the time, so I gotta play it safe. If I stop visinting the board in the next month .. I&#39;m sure you&#39;ll know why.

    edit: by conversation I mean msn ...

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    Do not be afraid of someone who uses the word worn in that sentence. It means something that is a bit old and shabby. Now if the warn you, then panic.

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    I&#39;d still rather not be shabby till at least the age of 70, lol.
    Funny thing is, im not the slightest bit scared ... though you wouldn&#39;t expect a master in shoalin kung fu to be scared though eh? ... though I still cant dodge bullets.

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    just hang around in your english classrooms, they wont touch you
    I survived the great winter 03/04 depression

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    Need some time alone?

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    lol ... this isn&#39;t a case of the local bully wants a peice of me.

    Still, off to watch england vs portugal ..
    cant be arsed thinking bout the situation, i&#39;ll just let &#39;em hunt me down.

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    just tell me were they live and for a very low price all take care of them for you ,

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    I would save all the e-mails and log the time and all also log any chat stuff that they do to you....if it continues or if they actually do act on it id go to the burn all the logged stuff to CD....

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    gimme the senders address
    ill sign em up with all sorts of SPAM crap

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