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Thread: Painting Cd Rom Drives

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    i got my self a acrylic case with a red tint and some red neon fans, keyboard, mouse all to match but my cd rom drives are that standard white color i would like to paint them red. Does any 1 know or have done this self, give me some suggestion and maybe a how to thanks.
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    first make teh drivce eject then shut off the computer and remove the front plate from the drive tray, then remove the otehr plate around the front of the drive, this makes it a lot easier to paint without wrecking anything inside the drive. You can remove the buttons also to paint them if youd like. im not sure what kind of paint to use though. make sure to clean the parts off first so that you dont see marks all over after its been painted becuase that will look ugly.

    last make sure not to put too much paint on or else the might not fit back together properly becuase the pieces will be too thick.

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    A good choice is spray paint,I did this years ago on a monitor which had a really crappy looking colour worked fine.
    2 coats might be needed or even an undercoat first.

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    This is how I customised two of my cases before you could get them in nice colours!
    The main problems with getting the paint to stick to the plastic are natural oils from your fingertips and the smoothness of the plastic so do what auto repairers do when painting plastic bumpers and stuff...

    Go to a car accessories store and get yourself some plastic primer paint, then pick a colour paint and clear lacquer from their rack of auto colours and get them too. While you're in there you could get a either a 'tack-rag', some 1000-grit wet&dry paper or one of those mild wire wool squares.

    Remove the fascia from the drive and clean it by either:
    - wiping with the 'tack-rag', or
    - giving it a good going over with the wet&dry/wire wool and clean water with a touch of washing up liquid in it.
    Don't forget to dry thoroughly if you used water.

    Take the fascia outside and spray with plastic primer giving a few light and even strokes making sure each coat is dry before applying the next. Primer doesn't take long to dry, you'll probably only have to wait a minute or two between coats.
    Once the primer is on, paint with your topcoat in the same manner, giving it a couple of coats then running over with the wet&dry/wash-liquid-water and let dry again. Give it another couple of coats.
    Once dry, give it some very light coats of clear lacquer to give extra shine and stop the damned colour paint chipping off.

    You're done, although some decent polish will keep that showroom shine.

    There's a huge range of great colours out there for those of you on a budget wanting something special. Two- or three-tone cases look really good IMHO, and you can do it for around 10 and a little of your time.
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