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Thread: Whats The Fastest Dsl Modem?

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    Just wanna know any fast modems out there. Anyways whats the difference between internal and external ones. I have an alcatel ST USB modem but only using 10% of its potential bandwidth

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    external ethernet-based dsl modems are typically faster than external usb just because usb is not exactly the best (or most reliable) connection for that kind of purpose. if your ISP gave you a choice between ethernet and usb, you really should have chosen ethernet and installed an ethernet card in your pc if necessary.

    there should not be much difference in speed between an external ethernet-based dsl modem and an internal pci card dsl modem (these are fairly rare, but they do exist).

    the greatest advantage of using an ethernet modem is that you can connect it to a router and then connect multiple pcs to the internet all at once, while you can't really do that with a usb or internal modem unless you use the internet-enabled pc as a router for the others (requiring that pc to be running 24/7).


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