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Thread: Video (vhs) Ripping

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    Sep 2003
    Hello All

    For the past year ive got into video encoding (mostily avi to vcd) usiong tmpgenc. Through learning myself and help from people (you know who you are, includin muchspl2 who hasd been a great help especially) I have got on great making vcds.

    Now I am intarested in converting the many videos I have onto vcd\dvd

    I am aware that a special card has is required to do this (i.e from the vcr to the pc). The problem is I basicly know squatt about this.

    All I want to know is a)What is the best\cheapest card you can but for the connections (Im thinking around 50 for the card, feck knows how much for connections).

    Any Help (Particuarly the price) On this matter would be greatly appreciated. As Youve know douby noticed im quite intarested on the price but id also like any more tips on quality and how easdy trhe whoile process is, tyhanks very muchb for anyt help.

    Cheers again.

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    well you need a capture card
    I have played with a few and I personally use a this
    but any capture card will suffice heres a few to look at
    and too add if you thought converting seemed a long process (time wise) wait to you have to render for hours


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