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Thread: Leeching

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    I assume that there is still no free plugin to KLite which will prevent leeches from uploading.

    Currently, when someone is uploading from me, I do a search of their files. If no files are found, I cancel the upload. If they keep trying to upload, I stop sharing the file, cancel their upload again, and then wait a few minutes before I start sharing the file again.

    By my count, approximately 80% of the users trying to upload from me are leeches.

    Is there a better way to prevent leeching? Is this what everybody else does?
    It seems to me that the biggest problem with Kazaa is the leeches, and there needs to be an automatic way to prevent it.

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    it may not be that they are leeching, I personnaly use the feature that states "Users can't get a list of all your shared files" this feature is for our protection, if you were to do that to me then you would just piss me off I guess because I do share, you just cant get a list from me. Just share and be happy is what I say.

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    you can't tell who is leeching, learn the software you have, and understand the privact patch, search and you shall find

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    Is there a better way to prevent leeching? Is this what everybody else does?
    No because you CANNOT tell if people are leeching or not theres an option which you tick "hide files i am sharing" or something like that so the RIAA can't see what you have,I for one have it ticked but I share...well I do IF I use KaZaa which isn't often now.

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    Thanks to all who replied.

    I am well aware of the privacy patch. I'm not going to hide my file list because of a bunch of goofy lawyers. I apologize in advance to those who are sharing that I cut off.

    I was just wondering if there was anything on the horizon to detect leechers. If not , fine.

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    since there is no way of telling who is sharing and who is not, then the answer would be no.

    but instead of worring about that stuff just do your part and you are good. if all of us just did our part we would be fine.


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