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Thread: Windows Media Rights?

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    I just got dawn the dead and went to play it. I tried with three different players ( windows media, DivX, and Win Amp. Every time I did the computer would play it and showed a screen saying

    In order to play this file, you need to upgrade your media player to a version compatible with Windows Media Rights Manager V7. Select View Compatible Players below to see a list of compatible media players.
    If your current media player does not have a Windows Media Rights Manager V7 compatible version, you should select a different player with the Windows Media Rights Manager V7 identifier.

    Should I get this? If not how do I circumvent it?


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    no dont get it, and you cant get around the protection (at least not easily enough to worry about, if at all, im not sure ) just try to find a different file.

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    I'm sure there are versions out there without DRM.


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