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Thread: Looking For A Torrent For A Game...

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    Hi, i was wondering where i could find a decent torrent for the game Knights of the Republic. I tried many sites, and the torrents i usually get have bad trackers. anyone found a good torrent for this game? Or would i be better off trying elsewhere for this, like edonkey (which i despise but will use if i have to)????

    Im allowed to ask for a place with a working torrent, right? If not, im just a n00b here, dont ban me

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    Egad, most torrents are good only for a couple of weeks but try here: and check for which platform such as PC, Xbox...

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    Gah, thats the first place i tried. None of then seem to go cept the french one, and even then it crawls at 1 to 4 k a sec. this wouldnt be a problem if the game wasnt 2.70 gb and id like to see progress before the summer . Is there any other good bittorrent sites for games for the pc? if not, oh well, if im out of luck in the bittorrent realm, ill try my luck elsewhere...

    BTW, forgot to mention that i was looking for the PC one, the xbox one is easy to get, cept that i lack a xbox.


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