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Thread: This Page Has Been Blocked By The Hosts File

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    Hi... When I installed k-lite 2.6 rc14 and i visited a blocked site (ie: i would get the error msg of "This page has been blocked by the hosts file" or something along those lines. Alas, I decided to revert back to k++ 2.4.3 because the new version was crashing my router, so my question is how do i get these custom error msgs with k++ 2.4.3... Because when i try to access a blocked page, I just get the default dns error... Help!

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    You want to use the modified HOSTS with KL 2.4.3 ? It has it, when you install it, it also installs Hosts Manager and with this you can setup the HOSTS.

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    go to "my computer>c:drive>windows>system32>drivers>etc>here you see a file called "hosts" open it with notepad and add or delete what ever sites you like

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    I know all about the hosts file, thats not what i am asking... When you install k-lite 2.6 and visit for example you get redirected to localhost and a message appear saying "This site/picture is blocked by the HOSTS file!", wheras with older versions it redirects to localhost and you get the default windows dns error... wtf???

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    Cache Error!
    An error of type 500 occurred: Unable to connect to remote server.
    Generated by tinyproxy (1.5.3)

    that is what i get with 2.4.9

    as for 2.6 its an rc version and not complete and full of bugs so i don't even know what to tell you.

    i don't even know why you are using that version, its missing all kind of stuff, for example the extensions

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    found the answer... there is a tiny webserver in khancer that does the dirty work!


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