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Thread: Akira Remastered 2001 Divx.avi

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    Need help guys, im trying to download akira remastered 2001 divx.avi (exact file name) 723,750kb size. but i cant seem to preview it with avi preview, this message keeps coming up

    Rending Failed
    System reports: 0x8004022f The file format is invalid.
    AVI Preview failed to extract any relavent data from the file (Are you sure that this is a video file)?.
    Click yes to visit the --please write on k-lite forum what site i might place here!!

    Any suggestions on what i can do? is this a fake file, iv already downloaded just over 100mb, should i continue. the video is a div3

    I tried previewing with videolan but i dont get any picture but i do get some sound which is very fuzzy.

    any help would be much appreciated

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    you probably need a codec , wich one dont know .

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    Look how many of the beggining has benn downloaded (with kdat). If there is not much, just wait a little morre. If there is plenty, it must be one of 2 problems: codecs or fake.


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