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Thread: Problem Watching Tv Shows

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    i have a problem watching movie files that are 350 meg. The 400 + files play great, but the 350 ones are jerky and the sound doesn't match the action. I notice in the file description, that the smaller files have a resolution of 352 X 640, whereas the good ones are 352X240. i've downloaded all codecs possible, but the problem persists.

    my computer is an intel celeron, 660 mhz, 350 megs of ram.

    do you think it's my computer that's too slow, or is it something else?

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    that the smaller files have a resolution of 352 X 640.
    You SURE they are not fakes as that is like widescreen up and down.

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    It could be your comp mate ,celerons arent shit hot in the first place.And you need a half decent cpu to run movies

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    have you tried videolan

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    thanks to y'all for your suggestions. i meant 640 X 352 not the other way around. i was hoping it's not my computer though i know it's possible.

    i'm gonna try the videolan player, or is it the codec you're suggesting?

    the files are not fakes. there are hundreds of files like that, movie files of about 350 meg for a 40 minute show


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