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Thread: Can't Do Anything With Downloads? Help!

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    I downloaded two large files - C&C Generals and Jedi Outcast.

    Jedi Outcast is in the form .iso HOWEVER it looks like an application exe file?
    I can't rename it to anything else, I can't open it with fireburner or easy cd creator, I can't open it with WinRAR or ZIP?
    C&C Generals is just the same, except it isn't called .iso - i't just plain old .exe?
    I'm going nuts here! Any ideas guys?


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    Change the extension of exe to iso. here's how to.

    Go to the folder you have your file, then click on Tools at the top, go down to Folder Options, then click on View tab, scroll down and uncheck the box that says "hide file extensions for known file types", click OK, go back to your iso file, right click, rename, then delete the extension .exe replace with .iso. Now it should show up.

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    Can you tell us what the filenames of both of the files are so its easier to see what they are? Then maybe one of us have the file and know what to do with it!


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