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Thread: Splinter Cell

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    I just downloaded the splinter cell game and the only part ive played was the training so i cant really judge if its good or not. I was wondering if anybody could tel me how good of a game it was? How hard is it. Is it fun or does it get VERY annoying when u cant beat something or is it even that hard. I was just wondering what ur guys opinions on the game were.

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    It's sometimes tricky , but never - or rarely - frustrating. The levels are well-designed , control is great (played the GC version , but I hear PC is even better) and there is often more then one way to solve a problem.. The training doesn't really convey the game's quality. Just keep on playing , you won't be disappointed.

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    OK thank you for your opinion i hope to enjoy iy. im sure i will.

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    Does anyone else have anything to tell me or any more opinions?

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    ive also played the GC is a very good game.forget training and move on to the latter levels.then you will see how good the game is.
    plus if you find it to hard get some cheats or something.

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    it's one of my favourites...the training is just an appetizer
    once u get on it...u'll have to do a lot of things quietly, and i mean reli reli silent

    oh...btw, one thing that annoys me is the alarm system, remember to hide all the bodies at all times, otherwise the alarm goes off and u lose the game

    oh man, just can't wait for the sequel, it was said to be better
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    I have it for xbox it is alright although it is not my favorite game the best part about it is the graphics i believe i wish they would have more guns that is the only part that i dont like it is kinda cool how u gotta sneak around all the time but sometimes that can get annoying to but overall it is a good game...keep playing it i believe u will like it cause to me the training is retarded

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    Just stay calm , act fast , be one with the shadows and have a blast.

    OT , but when I was playing the game , I found I started dodging security cameras in real life too... weird.

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    i played the PS2 version and thought it was fun at first, but eventually got bored of sneaking around and realised i could get away with just shooting a lot of people

    i tried playing the PC version but got pissed off with the controls - no analog stick
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    Originally posted by DarthInsinuate@20 February 2004 - 23:20
    i tried playing the PC version but got pissed off with the controls - no analog stick
    thats why we use the mouse

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