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Thread: .bin Problems

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    Well im a newbie so im probably makeing a stupid mistake but i extracted the file onto my hard drive. THen it works until i select to play then it prompts to insert a cd. Ive tried burning but i guess my neros broken or something. Is there some way to override the cd promt.

    The game is Madden 2003.

    any help would be awsome.


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    You need a no cd crack then, usually included inside the bin, if not download one. It wasn't really needed to burn it since you extracted it... This should be in Game World.

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    look for a no cd crack/patch. Try or Kazaa Lite or another crack site

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    I dont know what im doing wrong. Ive tried three different no cd cracks and none of them have worked. It must be something im doing. I replace the main app with the crack and it still asks for a cd.

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    Make sure the version number of the crack matches up with the version number of the game.

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    How do you check the version?

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    The crack should already say the version number.
    Load the game and look for something like v.1.00 or something to that effect. If you can't find it at the main screen, then go into options and if you still can't see it... I don't know. The version number of all games should be v.1.00 if it hasn't been updated.

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    YESSSSSSSS!!!! OK thank you so much. I finally figured it out. Now im gonna play late into the night!!!!

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    Have fun and I take it that works now


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